Black & White Handcarved Candle
Black & White Handcarved Candle
Black & White Handcarved Candle
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Black & White Handcarved Candle

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Black & White handcarved pillar candle
Each carved candle can be provided with or without a wick.
Carved candles with wicks can be burnt as you would a regular candle and those without wicks are cored and a replaceable liquid wax cartridge is placed inside. The cartridges allow for the preservation of the wax sculpture whilst maintaining the ambience of a real flame.
Please refer to our caring for your candle section for more detail before deciding. 
Cored large, medium and small candles come with a replaceable 8 hour liquid wax cartridge. Additional cartridges can be purchased from our web store. Candles with wicks do not come with a cartridge if you are planning on retrofitting a cartridge mid way through your burn cycle, please make sure to add to your cart. 
Please keep your carved candle out of direct sunlight and sources of high heat to help maintain vibrancy and structure. Ensure to follow all safety information provided.
Each candle is made by hand and may differ slightly from those pictured.

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