Environmental Policy

Aunt Momo's Candles is committed to the reduction, and where possible elimination of pollution levels and as a company we will:


  • Avoid waste and encourage conservation and / or recycling
  • Encourage the sustainable use of land based resources
  • Strive to reduce air, land and water pollution
  • Encourage staff to practice good environmental housekeeping
  • Monitor environmental developments within our industry and to comply with current relevant environmental legislation.
  • Promote environmental awareness for its operatives and other persons under their control. As part of our procurement process we will where practicable and subject to clients requirements, seek to achieve the following objectives:
  • Purchase goods and services that can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 
  • Purchase items which can be recycled and/or reused;
  • Procure from suppliers who show commitment to sustainable environmental improvement.