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3 Piece Wick Trimmer, Wick Snuffer & Wick Dipper Set

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A beautiful 3 piece gift box with wick trimmer, wick snuffer & wick dipper in pewter 


  • 7" Long, Heavy Duty Wick Trimmer
  • 7.5" Long Wick Dipper
  • 7" Long Wick Snuffer
  • Comes gift boxed
  • Weight 320g
  • Pewter finish

Keeping the wick trimmed to 5mm at all times helps control the amount of “fuel” or wax that is present. By keeping the amount of fuel limited, the flame will create ideal complete combustion where carbon particles are absorbed by the flame. This means less soot is formed while the candle is burning.

Wick dipping or quenching is a great way to snuff a candle while also preventing the wick from continuing to smoke and smoulder. The burning wick is instantly snuffed when submerged into the molten wax, leaving the wick coated and preserved with a thin layer of fuel when it is returned to a central position. 

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